Health Forums

This forum will aid you in exploring the different facets concerning your body’s emotional as well as physical well-being. A healthy body nurtures a healthy mind.

You can search and read about various techniques that will introduce you to methods for healing not just physically but also emotionally. With new and profound techniques like AMSY, EFT, UFT and several others in the forum, you can study your body and heal it without any aid from medicines. It is a completely different and a drug free method which requires no external aid. Heal yourself with your own individual, inner strength.

Lifestyle management section explains the requisites of a balanced diet, yoga, exercise and sleep. The information will help you in ascertaining how fit you are and the changes you need to make in your lifestyle.

The meditation section of this forum will aid you in practicing meditation of various types that will help you release the deep seated stress and tension in you and live a better life. Meditation helps you release your pent up emotions and surpass the physical dimensions of life. It helps you connect with the supreme power and gives a different meaning to your existence as a soul in your physical body. This section will introduce you to the real meaning of Meditation, breaking the wrong ideas about meditation. You will learn to meditate systematically from this section of the forum.

The TGF research section aids doctors and healers of all kinds with its guidelines. The discussion and information explains the necessity for personal touch required in the profession as well as directs their outlook to being more open, with an aim of healing, rather than stringently and mechanically practicing their profession.

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