Highly Evolved Society

" Create a highly evolved society by living for others. Live for others because there is no other."

Each one of us yearn for a highly evolved society. It is subtle but can be recognized. When we wish for a better society, less corruption, one religion, honesty, better working conditions, sensitive lifestyle and families or even for a better traffic management, we are actually wishing for a society that is sensitive to all our needs and which can accommodate in it a more sensitive community of people; people who are positively driven and are concerned for each other’s well being. This is a wish for a highly evolved society.
A highly evolved society is sensitive to the people as a whole. It is when each one is connected with the other. This is possible when everyone is on the same platform. Where there is a deeper understanding to all underlying concerns; where everyone is bonded by a common thread of understanding. A highly evolved society consists of several bodies working with a single motive for a common purpose. It is where the human life is valued and the Earth is looked upon together as a home; where each person whishes to contribute to the common goal through the use of his unique skill set.
All of this is possible only through maturing to an understanding where doubts and wrong beliefs are surpassed and the minds are broadened to a new awakening. It is the awakening to the purpose of the human life; towards the final goal that the human life aims at achieving. To reach the highest potential for which a human body is designed. And this cannot be simply done with the help of technology and science. Both need the backing of a strong human motive; the motive of reaching the full potential of a human life and exploring further possibilities.
At Tej Gyan Foundation, this is done with the help of research where newer possibilities that can help mankind are explored; where a man can understand not just his body but even his mind to its every extent. Where the influence of the mind on the body is understood, rectified and accomplished; where the mind and the human body are used as tools to achieve greater things in life. It is a system that looks at enlightening people and sharing wisdom that shatter age old beliefs and challenge the mind to reason beyond them. Where people can together come to a common platform and work as a group, ready to serve for the common good of all. 
A highly evolved society does not look at improving only one aspect of mankind, but looks at working on all its level – Physical, Social, Financial, Psychological and Spiritual. Tej Gyan Foundation intricately weaves all aspects for these levels together, thus enabling a person to work on all aspects of his life and aiding him in strengthening his human endeavor, thus achieving insightful heights of perception. Not just this, but the power of Prayer is also used as a powerful tool, for the creation of a highly evolved society. The World Peace Prayer program brings several thousands of people to pray together at a given time in the day, for World Peace. The unseen benefits of this are miraculous and manifold.
Once a message as this spreads, a highly evolved society remains not far from turning to reality.