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"You are not supposed to meditate. Just understand that ‘you are’ meditation."

What is meditation?
  • Meditation is a quality of the Self, an attribute of your essential nature. Meditation is that source within you which is present regardless of whether you are in the state of deep sleep or in waking state.
  • Meditation techniques are the path, meditation on the Self is the destination.
  • During meditation, all kinds of thoughts arise. These thoughts torment you only because you get attached and identified with them. You are simply the witness of these thoughts. You are not the thoughts. All the thoughts that are buried deep within you have to emerge and be encountered by the witness. The judgmental mind thus gets annihilated in this process. Knowing the Knower of all experiences (the Self, our true nature) in and through every experience is true meditation.
  • The primary purpose of meditation is to stabilize in the state of being followed by expression that arises from that state.

What is not meditation?
Meditation is NOT attention, relaxation, attuning the body to energy, concentration, contemplation, reflection, intention, control or willpower exercises.

Why should I meditate?
Meditation raises your level of consciousness. With this you are able to take right decisions in your life and are always happy by being the cause of happiness for others. Most importantly, meditation helps you to know your true nature and stabilize in it in and through all experiences of life.

Meditation is meant for whom?
The path of meditation is for those of you who are willing to take a pause today in order to try to make a better tomorrow. Meditation is such a path which, if traversed in the right manner, can lead you to your ultimate goal.

When can I meditate?
Meditation can be done at any time. Once you realize your true self through meditation and get established in it, you are always in meditation; rather, you become meditation. 

What are the benefits of meditation?
  • Enhanced decision making power.
  • Breaking of attachment with thought and body.
  • Increased sensitivity.
  • Better control over feelings and emotions.
  • More capacity to work.
  • Improved concentration and memory.
  • Present-mindedness
  • High level of awareness.
  • Higher level of energy to work.
  • Greater problem-solving power.
  • Learning to experience the joy of silence.
  • Complete relaxation and restoration of health of body and mind.
  • Most importantly, realizing your true nature.
How should I meditate?
Meditation is an effortless process in which you do not need to do anything; your very presence in essence is meditation.  What is important is to train the mind to drop. When the mind drops, the Self shines.

How can I get more details?
For more details, you can read the books on meditation, such as Sirshree's Complete Meditation published by Tej Gyan Foundation. Also, you can participate in the Magic of Awakening Retreat to know meditation experientially. In order to participate in this retreat, please click here.