Upcoming Maha Aasmani Param Gyan Shivir:

Date: 5th February - 10th February 2019
Reporting: Between 11:00 am - 2:00 pm IST (5th February)
Retreat ends on: 6:30 pm (10th February, Sunday)
VenueMaNaN Ashram, Pune, India
Google Map Address : Way to MaNaN Ashram
Language: Hindi
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 "The world today does not need a new religion. What it needs is the thread of understanding that can bind all religions together."  

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Tejgyan is a system for wisdom from Self Help to Self Realization. Tejgyan means bright truth...that truth which is beyond ignorance and knowledge...the source of all the wisdom in the world. Tej Gyan Foundation spreads the light of truth taught by Sirshree. read more..

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“Everything is a game of beliefs. Understanding is the whole thing.”
~ Sirshree


“Once you decide to detach from attachment , you learn the art of decision making.”
 ~ Sirshree 


“Devotion is that supreme gift after the achievement of which one rarely aspires for anything else. ”
 ~ Sirshree 

“The more we heat gold, the more lustrous it becomes. Likewise, the more difficulties you face, the more progress you make.”
 ~ Sirshree 


“Ego is the shadow of ignorance. When ignorance lifts, its shadow will too.”
 ~ Sirshree 

“Service of the ego is the first step towards the downfall of man. Service of the truth is the first step towards the rise of man. Being able to see one's own ego is the beginning of one’s spiritual progress.”
 ~ Sirshree 


“When the whole day passes without the individual ego getting aroused, then that day is truly a day.”
 ~ Sirshree 


“Witnessing your ego is the beginning of spiritual development.”
 ~ Sirshree 

“Do not invest your energy in something that is going to die, but invest it in something which will be forever. Invest your time and attention in attaining that which is permanent; which is only in the eternal present.”
 ~ Sirshree