Get's Apps

1. TGF Internet Radio app

"Tejgyan" Hindi (ads free) internet radio. Our free internet radio helps you to discover your beautiful inner being and understand karma, humanity and gain self realization - all on your mobile or tablet device. Join thousands of others in implementing Sirshree's teachings in your life.
- Experience the wonders of meditation and the promise of world peace in one simple mobile application.
- Learn meditation and relaxation through tools designed for both beginners and experienced meditators.
- Listen to discourses from Sirshree to gain access to the highest wisdom of consciousness.

Please note that to use our internet radio service, you must be connected to internet - otherwise our stream will be unable to load. If you are experiencing unstable playback, it is probably due to an unstable connection. Internet radio may take some time to begin depending on the speed of your internet connection.

To get online radio app for your Amazon Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android device click below links.

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2. Meditation app

U R MEDITATION is a free (no ads) meditation app that helps you learn and practice Complete Meditation in Hindi or English as taught by Sirshree. Never let your meditation practice incomplete again.
Designed for both beginners and advanced meditators, the app helps you understand and be benefited from what true mediation is. Sirsrhee says, 'You are not supposed to do meditation. Just understand you are meditation." Practice complete meditation as taught in this app so that you can access the happy natural state within you throughout the day.
Through the UR Meditation App:
-- Understand what exactly is meditation
-- Learn what is complete meditation
-- Practice complete mediation for a short 20 minutes
-- Dive deep into complete meditation for 40 minutes
-- Join thousands of others in a World Peace Prayer
-- Exercise choice of Hindi or English explanation and audio
-- Discover the benefits of meditation
-- Share on facebook or via email
-- Know more about Sirshree and its meditation and spiritual retreats

To get online meditation app for your iPhone, iPad, Android device click below links.

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