Complete Life ( Sampurn Lakshya )

SL is a free three-hour introductory retreat offered by Tej Gyan Foundation. Designed by the founder of Tej Gyan Foundation, Sirshree Tejparkhi, it has been attended by thousands all over India, USA, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

What happens in these three hours?

  • In these three hours, you learn to balance the three aspects of your life - physical (health), social (love) and emotional (peace).
  • In these three hours, you learn three powerful meditations - whereby you are able to practice meditation in the marketplace and apply wisdom at the workplace.
  • In these three hours, you learn three strategies for successful and joyous living.

Benefits of the retreat

This retreat introduces you to a curriculum, which when completed and practised, results in:
  • Physical vitality and unbounded energy
  • Social awareness and harmony in relationships
  • Emotional maturity and balance
  • Spiritual clarity and awakening of inner wisdom

Eligibility criteria for the retreat

Everybody is welcome to attend this retreat. There is no specific eligibility requirement.