Magic of Awakening - Maha-Aasmani (Nivasi) Retreat - in English

Magic of Awakening is the flagship self-realization retreat offered by Tej Gyan Foundation where participants gain access to the experience of the Self and learn to live in the present every moment. The teachings of the retreat are non-denominational (secular).
Participate in the Magic of Awakening retreat to attain the ageless wisdom through a unique and simple ‘System for Wisdom’ so that you can:
  • Live from pure and still presence allowing the natural qualities of Consciousness, viz. peace, love, joy, compassion, abundance and creativity to manifest.
  • Acquire simple tools to use in everyday life which help quieten the chattering mind, revealing your true nature.
  • Get practical techniques to gain access to pure presence at will and connect to the source of all answers (the inner guru).
  • Discover the missing links in the practices of meditation (dhyana), action (karma), wisdom (gyana) and devotion (bhakti).
  • Understand the nature of your body-mind-mechanism to attain freedom from tendencies and patterns.
  • Learn practical methods to shift from mind-centred living to consciousness-centred living.
This residential retreat is held for 4-5 days at the foundation’s MaNaN Ashram amidst the glory of mountains and the pristine beauty of nature. This ashram is located at the outskirts of the city of Pune in India, and is well connected by air, road and rail. The retreat is also held at other centres of Tej Gyan Foundation across the world. The retreat is imparted free of cost with nominal charges for lodging and boarding.

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