Mini Maha - Aasmani (Residential) Retreat for Teens

Building a spiritual foundation and preparing for the Maha - Aasmani Retreat, for Teenagers.
TGF invites you to Mini Maha - Aasmani (Residential) Retreat for Teens.

This retreat is based on the teachings of Sirshree.

Age Group: Above 14 yrs to below 16 yrs (Birth Dates between: 1st May 2002 to 31st May 2004)

Upcoming Shivir Dates: 

 Date: 27th April to 29th April 2018

    Reporting: 10 AM IST (27th April)    

    Retreat Ends: 5:30 PM (29th April, Sunday)

2) Date: 29th May to 31st May 2018

    Reporting: 10 AM IST (29th May)    

    Retreat Ends: 5:30 PM (31st May, Thursday)

Venue: MaNaN Ashram, Pune

Google Map Address: Way to MaNaN Ashram


+91 9921008060 ; +91 9921008075